National President's Letter

Thank you for visiting with us to learn more about our noble sorority, and to keep abreast of all the wonderful activities and works that we are engaged in to make our communities a better place to live and work! 

The vision of our eleven courageous and far-sighted Founders was to promote higher scholastic standards, personal growth, career awareness and to provide opportunities for community service. Our Signature Program is supporting the developmentally and intellectually disabled citizens within our communities.

Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated also prides itself on being a Family-Oriented Sorority.   The Sorority has two auxiliary groups - the Youth Groups and the National Council of SHADs.  The Youth Groups are the Bee-Ettes, young ladies ages 12-18, the Senords, young men ages 12-18 and our Eta Kids, youth ages 6-11. The National Council of SHADs are the husbands of our Sorors. Both auxiliary groups implement community service programs, and assist with sorority-sponsored programs.

The Sorority's Motto is  "Not For Ourselves, But For Others".  A model organization that is visible, effective, self-sustaining and growing to support the needs of the community.

Lillie Anderton Robinson, EdD
National President 
Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.