Letter from the President of Shad Club #62

SHAD Club #62 Shield

SHAD Club #62 was organized in March of 2007 under the leadership of Gamma Omega's President Mary Fairley, and Regional Director Evelyn Lee.  The club consists of husbands of active members of the Gamma Omega Chapter of Eta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.
The stated purpose of the club is "to be positive role models to young men in our community."  To help achieve that goal, our club sponsors an Annual Oratorical and Essay Contest featuring young males speaking on a theme chosen by the club.  The club awards cash prizes to participants of the contest.  The purpose of the contest is to help young men develop skills in oral presentation, research and poise in public speaking.  The contest has been a tremendous success and is the top priority for our club. 
SHAD Club #62 also sponsors a young male to attend the Men and Boys Retreat of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.  Their retreat is to bond men and boys spiritually.  
Over the years SHAD Club #62 has sent aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian Disaster, and sent donations to Links, Inc.
SHAD Club #62 continues to strive to be an aid to the community efforts of Gamma Omega Chapter.  There is a tremendous working relationship between the SHAD Club and the Sorority Chapter.  We look forward to positive events happening in our community due to the efforts of SHAD Club #62 and Eta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Anthony Bell
SHAD Club #62