Programs and Services

For over 72 years, Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. has provided services to improve the quality of life of individuals in many communities throughout the United States and the Virgin Islands.The Chapters, Regions and Grand Chapter work together to implement the following programs consistent with our motto, Not For Ourselves, But For Others:

Services for Citizens with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
This is the sorority’s principal project – to provide services for intellectually and developmentally disabled citizens.  All chapters and regions plan a variety of programs to achieve this national goal annually.  In addition, the Gloria Chapmon Walk-a-Thon, held biennially during the national convention raises funds for community-based organizations advocating for and serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.

Programs to Assist Business and Professional Women
Programs are available to assist new and experienced business and professional women.

Career Awareness Programs
All chapters hold a youth Career Day annually to motivate high school students to enter business and professional fields.  This also helps the students to expand their education and career options.

The Chapters, Regions and the Grand Chapter award scholarships to deserving high school graduates and/or college students annually.  The Queen Bee Pageant is the national fund raising effort among chapters to raise funds for scholarships and other charitable donations.  All chapters are represented in the Queen Bee Pageant at the national convention.  The Chapter Queen who raises the most money is crowned the National Queen.

Charitable Donations
Eta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. consistently contributes to a number of Civic and Charitable Organizations, including but not limited to the United Negro College Fund (UNCF), National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), March of Dimes, National Council of Negro Women (NCNW), and other service organizations.

Services for Children
This program is focused on teaching and encouraging students K-12 to become productive citizens and adults.   This includes teaching life skills, social etiquette, after-school tutoring programs, and reading and mathematics literacy. Many chapters host an annual Cotillion Ball to introduce young adults to Society.

Breast Cancer Prevention and Awareness
Eta Phi Beta Sorority’s goal is to educate women about breast cancer; its prevention, and resources, which are available if diagnosed with breast cancer.

Domestic Violence Prevention
Eta Phi Beta Sorority educates women on the various forms of domestic violence and encourages them to seek help.

Volunteer Service
Eta Phi Beta Sorority is known nationwide for its tremendous volunteer efforts.  The Sorority observes a National Volunteer Day annually.  Many members of Eta Phi Beta Sorority are recognized in their communities for their volunteer service.

Community Service Projects
In addition to the programs noted above, all chapters participate in a number of other community service projects, throughout the year, all consistent with our motto, "Not For Ourselves, But For Others".